It wasn't too terribly long ago when hardwood flooring began showing up in rooms other than the most formal of spaces. These days, you can install a high quality wood floor just about anywhere from a converted attic to a finished basement. It's simply a matter of selecting the proper type of flooring in a style that suits your particular vision of the rooms you're building or renovating.


Tarkett's solid wood floors live up to their name.  They are precisely milled from a singe piece of wood and cut 3/8"or "thick in random lengths up to 7'.  Widths of 2-1/4"and 3-1/4"are available in a variety of species and are pre-finished colors.  Solid floors must be nailed down on or above ground level over OSB board or plywood subfloor.

Engineered, Multi-Ply

Engineered wood floors are multi-ply constructions of real wood precisely bonded under intense heat and pressure.  This process renders them less susceptible to expansion and contraction, making engineered floors perfect for installation in rooms with varying degrees of humidity.


Choose from 3"or 5" widths and 3/8", ", or 9/16" thickness in random lengths up to 42".  Engineered plank floors 3/8" thick and up may be floated, glued, nailed down or stapled down above, on or below ground level over an OSB board, plywood or concrete subfloor.  Once installed, the single board surface width gives the appearance of a solid wood floor.


Featuring all benefits of engineered plank flooring plus even more installation versatility, the standard 7-1/2" width by 9/16" thickness by 8' length makes ths multi-ply a popular choice.  Float, glue or staple down over almost any sound, flat and dry subfloor above, on or below ground level.  Generous single board surface widths are particularly suited to large, open spaces, while triple board surface widths complement any decor.

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