Warmth, beauty and the comfort of home. Welcome to the possibilities of Pergo. Select the right floor for your needs either by color, installation method, or product. 

We make it easier for the do-it-yourselfer

In recent years, Pergo has introduced several new floors that make installation even easier for the do-it-yourselfer. If you wish to install Pergo flooring yourself, spend some quality time with our web-based planning tools doing some advanced preparation. Select your Pergo flooring and visit the Pergo project planner to estimate everything you'll need for the job. We even offer an interactive room planner where you can place cabinets, bathtubs and walls so you can prepare for any installation obstacles ahead of time.

Find the floor that fits your needs and installation skill

Pergo floors are available with different installation techniques. It's important to chose the type of flooring installation that suits your needs and installation skill. New glueless click-together systems are popular among do-it-yourselfers. Installation is relatively fast and there are no straps or messy residue to clean when you're finished. Most people can complete a 300 square foot room over the course of a weekend.

Traditionally, glued floors offer the most secure installation with long-lasting, tight fitting seams. Until now, it was glued floors for maximum security and click-together floors for ease and speed. Now there's a new way, revolutionary CertainSeal technology - a patent pending joint with pre-applied glue. A pre-glued floor offers the performance of a glued floor and the easy installation of a click floor. We even offer additional warranty coverage with pre-glued floors: the floor will not develop gaps when properly installed!

Do-it-yourself or find an Pergo Endorsed Installer

If you plan to install Pergo yourself, use our easy-to-follow installation instructions or purchase a Pergo installation video from your local Pergo retailer. For professional installation ask for a Pergo Endorsed Installer. These trained professionals have all the skills to ensure a top-quality professional installation. Choose "find an installer" from the orange navigation to the right if you'd like to locate and installer near you.

The Pergo Warranty

All Pergo flooring is warranted against wear-through-stains and fading and will resist water damage from everyday spills and damp mopping when water is promptly removed. Some Pergo flooring has additional warranty coverage. See your individual warranty details or your authorized Pergo dealer for more information. 

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