Quick-Step guarantees you the most gorgeous floor you could ever wish for; easy installation, low maintenance, comfort, warmth, durability, and authenticity.  Quite simply, a floor that gives you years of pure pleasure.

Perspective® plank floor with v-grooves

In regards to our Perspective® line, we’ve allowed ourselves to be totally inspired by nature. The pure wood patterns in the plank floor are brought to life with an eye for detail and variation. The gently beveled edges draw out small rooms, making your interior look much bigger. Perspective®’s warmth and welcoming nature increases the look and feel of an expansive solid plank floor. Perspective® guarantees years of flawless quality. This 6/16” thick floor also produces the sound and the sense of a genuine solid plank floor.

The unique personality of Quick•Step® Elegance®

The narrow 4-inch wide Quick•Step® Elegance® planks are a matchless mix of refined class and natural appearance. The innovative combination of tradition and timeless charm creates a highly personal touch. This floor’s superb appearance is due to the great variation in planks, in terms of both size and color.

Quadra Ceramic and natural stone tiles

Quick•Step®’s versatile stone tiles exude warmth and character and need very little maintenance. Quadra is unique! Both the ceramic and natural stone tiles can be installed in either of two ways: in straight lines adjacent to one another or staggered for a more relaxed look. You can even combine two contrasting colors to create a chessboard pattern. Quick•Step® Quadra laminate tiles radiate comfort and pleasure. Thanks to Uniclic® they can also be installed quickly and easily, without the hassle of glue and nails.

Eligna slim planks without v-grooves

The Eligna collection sets a warm, natural tone. Prepare to be charmed by the details in the floor surface and the diversity in the hues. The Eligna plank designs come in a wide array of wood species and tints.

Classic traditional laminate floors of superior quality

Quick•Step® Classic is not just a laminate floor. The double or three plank designs are the focal point of a durable interior that’s both personal and contemporary. The quality of a Quick•Step® floor is always first class. Classic combines the elements of diversity in color and style and a natural look and feel with exceptional quality and functionality.

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